Dottie Achmoody

2014 Recipient

Fowler-Larson Allies Award

Dottie Achmoody received her B.A. degree and Master’s degree from the University of Akron. She is licensed by the State of Ohio as a Social Worker, Family Development Specialist, and Minister. She has worked as a Collegiate Instructor at the University of Akron and as CEO of Stow Glen Retirement Village. Currently she serves as CEO of OPEN M, a position she has held for nearly nine years. OPEN M, stands forOpportunity for People Everywhere in Need Ministry. It is a non-profit organization rooted in faith. It is devoted to feeding the hungry, healing the sick, nurturing children, building families, and strengthening the community. Achmoody was the first recipient of the Outrageous Acts for Social Justice Award from The Women’s Endowment Fund of the Akron Community Foundation.