John Rasnick

2012 Recipient

Unruh Servant Award

John Rasnick leads a life characterized by service. He has been a servant leader on the boards of a number of Christian ministries, providing keen insight, wisdom, and a spirit of compassion, with a view towards honoring God through service to others. A prominent local attorney, John has provided pro bono legal services to countless churches and ministry organizations, in order to advance the cause of Christ in our community and throughout the world. John has lived out his commitment to unity among the diverse community of believers by founding Emmanuel Christian Academy at The House of the Lord, and by working to promote and develop minority scholarships to Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy and regional Christian colleges and universities. That commitment has also been evident in his lay leadership of The Chapel’s Fresh Passion initiative, in which that congregation and others collaborate to provide theological training and social assistance to disadvantaged individuals in Mozambique. Added to the large and visible works of service evident in John’s life are a host of one-to-one encounters in which John has served as an instrument of the grace of Christ through personal effort and involvement. John has used his law practice as a ministry vehicle to reach out in love to the hurting and broken, offering wise counsel rooted in the truths of scripture, and holding out a life committed to Christ as the only way to peace and redemption. John has been a faithful co-laborer for the kingdom with his wife of more than 30 years, Janelle, and a loving and devoted father to their three children, Elizabeth, Robert, and Sarah.